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Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks

August Turak expertly shows how Trappist ways and wisdom connect character to the art of leadership, and how this unique approach can be helpful in our current thinking about leadership, business, and the meaning of our own lives. New insights and ancient truth blend in this remarkable book by a remarkable teacher.

Will Willimon, Duke Divinity School and author of Sinning Like a Christian: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins This is an inspirational book that presents a different view of business leadership and success that is important for serious and aspiring business leaders to take into consideration. August Turak also has a narrative voice that is both genuine and authoritative, and he has thoughtfully organized 'take-aways' throughout the book into lists that will be extremely useful for readers. Lindsay Thompson, John Hopkins University- Carey Business School The book is an inspirational, provocative and ground-breaking tour-de-force and should be required reading for business leaders and in business schools.

Ray Williams, Psychology Today Part philosophy, part economics, and very much about service The Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks will guide you to a better understanding of why you do what you do. Cistercian Studies Quarterly. Preface 1.

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The Economic Miracle of Mepkin Abbey 2. What We All Really Want 3. The End of Selfishness 4. Goat Rodeos and the Transformational Or ga ni za tion 5. Mission 6. Selflessness and Community 7. He could no longer be left alone. My grandma watches him and stays near him to keep him safe. She rarely gets any free time and does not get much sleep. Almost every night my grandpa wakes up in the middle of the night and is confused.

My grandma stays awake until he can fall asleep again. In the morning, my grandma helps him get dressed and makes him breakfast. My grandma drives my grandpa everywhere he needs to go. This includes helping him get into the car and buckling his seatbelt. I know it must be frustrating for my grandma to take care of my grandpa all the time. I know I get annoyed and frustrated sometimes when my parents or my sister ask me to do things for them. Whenever I see my grandma, she is always happy and glad to see me.


She brings my grandpa to my sporting events and asks how I am doing. My grandpa has difficulty going up and down stairs. My grandma made the decision to move into a new house where they could mainly live on the first floor. When I heard about this, I thought of how tough it would be for them to move houses because they lived there for 25 years, and my grandpa would not be able to help. I then thought of how my grandma helps my grandpa every day. This inspired me to want to help them move. I knew it was going to take many hours of hard work, but I still wanted to do it. The moving process started with helping my grandma sort through what she was going to donate or throw away.

I then helped bring a couple of carloads of stuff to the new house every few weeks. A couple of my cousins would also come to help, and we enjoyed spending time together while working. We had fun making assembly lines from upstairs all the way down to the garage. It was nice to be able to help my grandma since she is always helping my grandpa.

What's Your Why? The Power of Purpose

On Labor Day, I went over to their old house one last time with other family members. We rented a moving truck and were determined to finish the move that day. We cleaned out the rest of the house and loaded everything onto the truck. It took two trips to finish the move. Although I was exhausted, I felt good about the way I spent my vacation day. I was extremely glad that I could help my grandparents.

My grandma was very thankful for all the help she received. All the little things she does for my grandpa daily are true acts of love and kindness. What she does inspires me to do the same to be a better person. The best way I can do that is through my love in action. Byrne Award, named for the missioner who died on a forced march in Korea in There is nothing more sad and degrading, I think, than feeling so utterly alone in a room full of people. I experienced this loneliness when my family and I moved from Norway to the States, where I enrolled in a new school. Along with not knowing the language very well, I did not know anyone.

For the first couple of months I was friendless; this became even more apparent during school assemblies, where I would sit all alone.

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I looked up, expecting the person to ask me to move so someone else could sit there, but to my surprise, I was met with a bright and inviting smile. The girl asked if I wanted to sit with her.

A wave of relief and gratitude washed over me. Riding on this wave of happiness, I joined her and her friends and ever since that day I have not had to experience the hollow feeling of loneliness while in a crowded room. In the months following that assembly, we became close friends. She invited me to hang out with her friend group as well as encouraging me to get more involved in school and extracurriculars. The more time I spent with her, the more generosity I experienced and saw.

She was the true definition of kindness as she was friendly and considerate of everyone.

August Turak

Her compassion towards others inspired me to live a selfless life of kindness and compassion. Of the countless people I have talked to, one characteristic that everyone mentioned was her kindness and ability to make everyone feel loved and respected. She made me be a better friend, classmate, teammate, daughter and sister.

The way she treated others is what I strive for. I knew from the start that she was a kindhearted person, but she was something out of the ordinary. Her small gestures of kindness and compassion might not have changed the world.

As I trudged up the cracked, dusty stairs, the only thought on my mind was lunch. I had spent the previous two days at refugee camps in Jordan, volunteering through Global Hope Network International, a local Christian aid organization. After spending the morning visiting refugees who had managed to find housing in Amman, I was hungry and my tired feet were ready for a break. Through an open doorway, I could see stacks of birdcages lining the wall in the other room.

Then my eyes landed on our host, and my distraction, hunger and weariness melted away. She cheerfully invited us to sit, and we spent the next hour listening as Rami translated her story. Noor was not a Syrian or Palestinian refugee like most of the people we had met, but a native Jordanian who had lost her left foot and ankle to a landmine as a child. Now well into her 30s, she lived alone with her birds in a tiny third-floor apartment without any prosthetic, moving around only by placing her knee on the seat of a small wooden chair that she dragged along to support herself.

My aching feet suddenly felt like a blessing, and as Rami led us in prayer with Noor, I silently thanked God for all of the abilities that He had given me, and for opening my eyes to the plight of others who were less fortunate. She was a bright, animated and otherwise healthy Jordanian citizen, who simply had no access to health care. With the aid of even the most basic prosthetic, Noor could have lived a full, active life. Instead, she was confined to her apartment, trapped like one of her own pets with clipped wings.

The church across the street had agreed to help her, but only if she was able to come to services every week, a feat that was nearly impossible for her from atop three flights of stairs. It is Noor and the many others like her who lack access to technologically advanced health care that inspire me to pursue a career in biomedical engineering BME.

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I challenged myself in school to make a career in engineering become more of a concrete possibility. I hope to use my future career to welcome people with disabilities into the church and to help them to have a better quality of life in whatever ways I can. When I was in middle school, I had difficulty when it came to making friends and dealing with the stress of school along with family complications. Oftentimes, I would sit alone outside during lunch and listen to music.